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12 days of Christmas - Classic Aquafleece®

12 days of Christmas - Classic Aquafleece®

Manufactured from a new material developed by Rooster in conjunction with a leading technical fabric manufacturer, the classic top has a Polyurethane coating on the outside for water resistance, durability and flexibility combined with a fleece inner layer to keep you snug and warm - a combination that works well when wet or dry. It can either be worn under your hikers as a base layer, mid layer or as a top layer over them. 

Unlike the Classic, the Pro Lite Aquafleece® has added details, with velcro on the cuffs and waist to reduce water intake. They are also on the Pro, with an even thicker material for use in the coldest of weathers. All three have fantastic windproof characteristics. You can watch Steve Cockerill analysing the differences between all three here.


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