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We’re still open! Now shipping across the globe. 🌍
We’re still open! Now shipping across the globe. 🌍
The Control Shirt - New Magic Marine Product

The Control Shirt - New Magic Marine Product

This month, Magic Marine have released their brand new product, the Control Shirt. Read more about it below:
The Control Shirt shows a high water repellency so it doesn't absorb water. Combined with high breathability, this shirt is very comfortable to wear, especially when you're active and things might get sweaty. The water vapour is transported to the surface where it evaporates while the water repellence finishing reduced the water absorption. This also gives the shirt a quick-drying property. The shirt has the flexibility and comfort of a lycra top, and protects against wind and UV radiation.


  • Men’s and Women’s fit
  • Highly Water Repellent
  • Highly Wind Resistant
  • Super Breathable
  • UV Protective (UPF 50+)
  • Incredibly Light Weight
  • Protection Against Wind and Water Chill
  • High tech woven 4 way stretch fabric (78% Nylon / 22% Spandex)
  • Construction means that water repellence / wind resistance is built into the product as opposed to relying on a coating

Finn sailor Nicholas Heiner:

"The new Control Shirt is perfect for when it's too cold for a lycra and too warm for anything else. The flexibility the top gives you is more or less the same as a lycra. This makes it easy to move around, which is a big advantage, especially in the Finn.

Also when I find myself in windy conditions and when the water is still cold this shirt is very comfy. The shirt helps a lot in keeping you warm and comfortable because it doesn't stay wet for long."

You can order your Control Shirt at Dinghy Shack here.
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