Viadana 2020 range in focus

Viadana 2020 range in focus

We supply the whole Viadana range to the UK, and 2020 has an impressive selection of dinghy, keelboat and yacht hardware on offer, at even more impressive prices! Read on for a closer look at some of our bestsellers from the whole range.

1. 38mm composite ball bearing block

One of our most versatile blocks, the 38mm composite block can be seen on all dinghies, and many keelboats and small yachts. Complete with swivel, shackle and ball bearings, this block is light, and useful for all applications on racing boats.

2. 38mm fiddle block with becket and jammer

This fiddle block with jammer is a versatile item, and even more flexible with addition of the becket. Multi-use, from kickers and tensioners to small boat backstays, absolute must on the 16-30 foot boat.

3. 57mm ratchet block

Ratchet blocks are crucial for high load sheeting on the racetrack. 57mm composite ratchet blocks have a switch to easily turn them on and off, and are available handed, or in cheek format, for boats like the 470 that require fast adjustability for headsail trimming.

4. Carbon 6-14mm jammer

The carbon jammer is a light and flexible alternative to the aluminium version produced by Viadana. This size jammer is always seen on dinghies through to large yachts, so is an absolute hardware staple. There are various accessories too, from coloured and metal fairleads to risers.

5. 25mm wire blocks

25mm wire blocks are designed for high purchase systems and use with wire. Seen on items like wire kickers and adjustable rigging, wire blocks are also great for high load dyneema purchases, and as with all Viadana blocks, include a two year guarantee.

6. 17mm microblocks

The 17mm micro block is synonymous with small boat tensioning systems like Merlin Rockets and National 12s. You can check out their high purchase uses in our National 12 section.

7. 25mm dinghy track

Viadana track is available in 5 different sizes, but the 25mm track is what you need on your dinghy for light but versatile tracks, with multiple slider options. Available in 1 metre and 330mm lengths.

8. Optimist sprit block

Every single Optimist has to have a good sprit system to maximise speed up and down wind. You can buy all of the bits individually at Dinghy Shack, or you can buy a ready made sprit system, discounted and pre-spliced with Kingfisher ropes, it is a great racing upgrade, at a fantastic price.

View our full Viadana range here, or if you have any questions or require more info feel free to contact us!


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