At Dinghy Shack we now offer a variety of boat work and repairs. If its just a tidy-up, or some serious modification, call us to discuss the options for you and your boat.
Some services we offer:
  • Major composite repairs
  • GRP repairs
  • Gelcoat repairs
  • Rudder and centreboard/daggerboard fairing and alignment
  • Carbon mast/spar repairs and repaints/revarnishing
  • General refurbishment and valeting
  • Rope fit-out (custom deck layouts suited to you)
  • Rudder and daggerboard repairs and refurbishment
  • Race preparation
  • Gelcoat restoration
  • Ding repairs
  • Boat collection and drop off
  • Custom composite parts
  • Full hull, deck, foil and keel fairing
  • Foil painting
  • Foil repairs

Call 01752 936535 to talk to Josh about all your repairs!