Viadana guarantee

All Viadana products are guarantee for two years after the date of purchase. In case of complaints, the faulty pieces have to be send to the company, together with all details concerning date and place of purchase, fault and presumed origin. The forwarding charges are to the sender account. If the claim is met for any construction default, Viadana will be free to repair or replace the faulty pieces under guarantee. On no occasion, the responsibility of Viadana will be extended over repairing and/or replacing the claimed pieces. The guarantee will be not applied to the pieces modified without our approval, or strained over the suggested breaking load, or used without discretion.

Breaking load is made in a number of samples, not in every produced pieces. Breaking load is only indicative and it is got in the best possible and real conditions of utilization. In order to be in the highest level of security, do not exceed 40 % of breaking load.


All the products manufactured by Viadana are designed for a long life use and low maintenance. However we suggest a periodical fresh water washing for all travellers, blocks, ball bearing cam cleats. Special attention has to be used for the pieces remained unused for a long time.