Who are Viadana?

Since 1961, Viadana has produced and supplied sailing outfits, while offering a long history of experience in research, design, manufacturing, and marketing. Thanks to recent investments in production automation and new technology, Viadana is able to meet a wide range of requirements while maintaining its artisan tradition of quality and flexibility. Viadana has a reputation for using only the best available materials for nautical applications--stainless steel AISI 316 and AISI 304; aluminum alloys 6063, 6005, and 5154; and composite fiber, polymers as carbon fiber, and Delrin®. All Viadana products are rigorously tested inside our plant and in natural test areas that are close to the factory on Lake of Como. Laboratory procedures include mechanical tests of tensile strength and chemical salt-proof valuations. The range of Viadana products includes more than 600 items designed for windsurfing, sailboats, keelboats, and cabin cruisers—either for regatta or cruising. 

Guarantee & responsibility

All Viadana products are guaranteed for two years after the date of purchase. In case of complaints, the faulty pieces have to be sent to the company together with all details concerning date and place of purchase and the problem and its presumed origin. The sender is responsible for shipping costs. If the claim is met for any construction default, Viadana will repair or replace the faulty pieces under guarantee. On no occasion will Viadana’s coverage be extended beyond repairing and/or replacing the claimed pieces. The guarantee does not cover pieces modified without our approval, strained over the suggested breaking load, or used without discretion [What does this mean exactly?] Please note that the breaking load determination is made in a number of samples, not in every produced piece. To achieve the highest level of security, 40% of breaking load should not be exceeded. 


All the products manufactured by Viadana are designed longevity and low maintenance. Still we suggest regular maintenance, including fresh water washing for all travelers, blocks, and ball bearing cam cleats. Special attention should be given to pieces that are unused for a significant period of time.