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10m x Braid-on-braid polyester melanges rope

Colour: Black

Our heat set braid-on-braid polyester is an ideal cruising rope. It is good on the hands and easy to splice. Braid-on-braid has a low stretch braided polyester core with an abrasion-resistant braided polyester cover. After braiding, the rope is heat set under load to reduce stretch. It is ideal for sheets, halyards, control lines and many general purpose applications.

Our cut-lengths are a marked saving on buying the rope by the metre. 10m and 50m cut lengths are excluded from other discounts and promotions.

Breaking strengths

  • 6 mm: 820 kgs
  • 8 mm: 1300 kgs
  • 10 mm: 2400 kgs
  • 12 mm: 3200 kgs

3.7% stretch at 20% of breakload.