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GEDDONPLYMOUTH at checkout for 10% off
GEDDONPLYMOUTH at checkout for 10% off

10m x Evo Dinghy Line rope

Colour: Red

The new Evolution Dinghy line has been developed in conjunction with some of the worlds leading Dinghy manufacturers  The 32plait polyester cover provides good abrasion resistance and excellent performance in cleats. It is ideal for halyards and cleats.

Our cut-lengths are a marked saving on buying the rope by the metre. 10m and 50m cut lengths are excluded from other discounts and promotions.

Breaking strengths

  • 3 mm: 180 kgs
  • 4 mm: 375 kgs
  • 5 mm: 520 kgs
  • 6 mm: 840 kgs

4% stretch at 20% of breakload.