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We’re still open! Now shipping across the globe. 🌍
We’re still open! Now shipping across the globe. 🌍

10m x Rig12+ rope

Colour: Silver

Rig12+ is a heat set and pre-stretched 12-strand Dyneema® SK78 single braid with PU coating for improved protection against abrasion and the elements. This very low-stretch line is pre-stretched and heat-set to produce a stronger, lower stretch product. Rig12+ is easy to splice and is ideal for halyards, control lines, lashings and strops.

Our cut-lengths are a marked saving on buying the rope by the metre. 10m and 50m cut lengths are excluded from other discounts and promotions.

Breaking strengths

  • 3 mm: 1200 kgs
  • 4 mm: 1900 kgs
  • 5 mm: 3000 kgs
  • 6 mm: 3800 kgs
  • 8 mm: 7500 kgs
  • 10 mm: 10,000 kgs
  • 12 mm: 17,600 kgs
  • 14 mm: 20,200 kgs
  • 16 mm: 25,550 kgs

0.5% stretch at 20% of breakload.