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Cobb Premier AIR cooker

Cobb Premier AIR cooker

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The original Cobb is perhaps the ultimate outdoor cooking system, and certainly much more than "just a barbecue"...

  • It doesn't smoke - the food is isolated from the charcoal, so fat does not drip onto it.
  • It can be used as a charcoal oven - delicious pizza in 15 minutes!
  • It remains cool to the touch on the outside - so it can be used on a table, or even a wooden deck, without causing any damage.
  • It only needs six briquettes to cook for up to five hours (ultra-efficient combustion control gives maximum heat from minimum fuel).
  • It is superbly easy to clean and long-lasting - all metal parts are stainless steel.

The Cobb Premier AIR offers a host of improvements and upgrades aimed at making cooking easier and your food taste even better. Just like the original Cobb, it’s incredibly fuel efficient, versatile, and remains cool to the touch on the outside, so you can safely use it on board, in the garden, or on a picnic. On top of that, improved airflow makes it easier to control cooking temperature, thicker gauge steel enhances durability so it will last longer, removable ash pan makes it easier to clean, and it’s all backwards-compatible to allow continued use of Cobb accessories and fuel.

Comes with a carrying/storage bag. Measures 13" tall, 12" diameter. 


  • Complete barbecue ready to be used today
  • Carrying/storage bag
  • 13" tall
  • 12" diameter
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