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We are still open! Stay 🏡 and get your sailing kit delivered to your door!
We are open! Stay 🏡 and get your kit delivered!

Eelsnot hydrophobic compound - dinghies and surfboards (1.5oz)

by Eelsnot

Eelsnot Board Therapy is an eco-friendly hydrophobic compound that becomes a thin, very slippery layer on the surface of your board. Eelsnot Board Therapy fills scratches, nicks, and dings shielding water from your board’s core, which reduces drag, ensuring greater speed.

Eelsnot Board Therapy is easy to apply and each application will last for weeks. A 1.5 oz. jar of Eelsnot Board Therapy will cover a standard wakeboard through ten applications and a standard dinghy or kayak through two to three applications.

Different sizes are available depending on your hull size, allowing you to squeeze that extra bit of boat performance.