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We’re still open! Now shipping across the globe. 🌍
We’re still open! Now shipping across the globe. 🌍

Eelsnot hydrophobic compound - yachts & keelboats (20oz)

by Eelsnot

Eelsnot Boat Therapy is an eco-friendly hydrophobic compound that shields surfaces from direct contact with water. Eelsnot Boat Therapy retards marine growth on hulls at the molecular level. You will go faster. By reducing drag so efficiently, Eelsnot Boat Therapy has been shown to reduce fuel consumption by up to 25 percent.

Without using harsh chemicals, Eelsnot Boat Therapy will rid your hull of unwanted slime and growth with simple wipe and spray action.

Eelsnot Boat Therapy protects wood, copper, aluminum, fiberglass, epoxy, gel coat, rubber, polypropylene, and nearly any other surface for four to six months. A 20 oz. tub of Eelsnot Boat Therapy will cover a 30 ft boat through two applications. That’s 12 to 18 months of protection.