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FLIR Ocean Scout 240 thermal camera

FLIR Ocean Scout 240 thermal camera

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The Ocean Scout 240 is a rugged, handheld thermal camera that lets you see other vessels, landmarks, buoys, and floating debris in total darkness. The Ocean Scout 240 gives you the ability to see clearly, steer confidently, and respond quickly in an emergency.


  • Display: 640 x 480 LCD Display
  • Size (L x W x H): 6.7" x 2.31" x 2.44"
  • Video Output: No
  • Field of View: 24' x 18'
  • Weight: 340g

Be Aware

The Ocean Scout 240 helps you see marine traffic and navigational aids in darkness.

Steer Clear

Navigate river channels and open water with confidence, by avoiding hazards, kayakers, small watercraft, and small boats running without lights.

Search and Rescue

Ocean Scout 240 is a lifesaving tool for finding people in the water. It can detect the body heat of people allowing you to quickly identify and rescue people or pets.

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