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KSW speed winch

KSW speed winch

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Karver winches are equipped with a double gear mechanism, a classic first stage identical to current winch design and a second consisting of an epicyclic gear. This patented technology is used for the first time on a winch and has the effect of multiplying efforts. Thus and according to its original set up, our winches are either 6 times faster than any other winch on the market (Speed Range), or 3 times more powerful (Power Range).

The extra speeds of the KSW provide the ability to trim much faster than standard winches. In first gear, a single handle turn embeds 6 times the length of rope of a two-speed winch. The gear change is simple. When the load on the handle becomes too much, simply reverse the direction to change gears automatically.

The simplicity and speed of the manoeuvres will certainly make you save accurate seconds for the overall leader board.

To hoist a main sail with a 20m halyard requires 142 turns of crank with a traditional winch against 29 turns with a Speed Karver!

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