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KTS V3 SPI adaptor

KTS V3 SPI adaptor

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The KTS is an adapter that allows you to store an asymmetric spinnaker or any other sail that you want to roll up first from the top.

This adapter is installed directly in the fork of a furler of the same capacity (e.g. KTS1.5 for furler KF1.5). The tack of the sail is attached to the swivel of the KTS so only the upper part of the sail rolls up during the first furling turns. The sail is thus suffocated from the top and gradually rolls up in its entirety around the anti torsion rope which makes the connection between the furling drum and the swivel.

A simple and efficient system that makes it very easy to operate a spinnaker from the cockpit. The KTS is clearly an alternative to the spinnaker sock.


  • Quick and captive axle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Tack swivel design designed to limit vibrations when unrolling the sail
  • Perfect adaptation to the V3 Karver furlers
  • Supplied with a Dyneema® strop to attach the armour point of the sail
  • The KTS can remain installed on the spinnaker permanently for a faster installation
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