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Tekno Rescue X safety knife [18+]

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The Mac Coltellerie Tekno Rescue X Dive Knife is specifically developed to meet the requirements of divers but it will also serve more than adequately as a rescue knife too. It will be especially useful in emergencies such as getting tangled up in fishing lines, nets or ropes plus the curved blade will slice through seat belts. It can also be used to generate an acoustic emergency signal by using the metal butt end banged against your tank.  

The yellow handle is designed to be seen in low light levels and its rubber texture provides a secure grip in the wet and cold and with a gloved hand. The blade is idroglider-coated 4116 stainless steel. It is supplied with a locking plastic sheath with additional safeguard and leg straps (wearable on either side).  

This item is only available to over 18's, and you will be asked to prove that you are legally allowed to buy it.