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Mounting bracket for RemigoOne

Mounting bracket for RemigoOne

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Mounting bracket for RemigoOne electric outboard motor. One small, aesthetic 1000w electric outboard that fits to any small boat and mounting height!
Innovative 2-part mounting system built specially for RemigoOne offers secure operation during mounting and use. The ultimate goal when constructing the bracket was detaching the outboard from the mounting part and this is the result: the first console mounting system for an outboard in the world! This means you can now leave the mounting bracket always on your boat or dinghy while taking the outboard off for charging or for safety reasons.

Built out of the best materials: stainless steel and marine grade aluminium with excellent resistance against corrosion. Additionally protected against galvanic corrosion.

Because of the standard mounting dimensions you can attach the mounting bracket to all types of transoms and brackets.

Standard mounting bracket functionalities:

  • Tilt
  • Manual trim, 4 positions
  • Reverse lock & unlock when steering in shallow waters

The RemigoOne is currently a pre-order range, and will be available to view and buy from Winter 2022.

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