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R60+ single ratchet block

R60+ single ratchet block

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This is the second generation of manual ratchet blocks from Seldén and the focus has been to improve the grip and the switch. Ratchet blocks are mainly used for dynamic applications such as sheets on dinghies and keelboats and when the ratchet is activated it locks the sheave in one direction and allows the sailor to relax a bit without cleating the line. The new single block versions from Seldén are available either with a composite sheave or an aluminium sheave. The latter version makes for more grip and the ability to cope with relatively thin lines.


  • Weight: 506 g
  • Safe working Load: 720 kg
  • Breaking Load: 1440 kg
  • Max line size: 10 mm
  • Purchase: 6
  • Pin diam: 6 mm
  • Shackle diam: 6 mm
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