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Smartune Fitting

Smartune Fitting

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Smartune is an innovative solution for accurate, live measurement of forestay load. Simple for crews to retro-fit at the dock, Smartune makes repeatable headsail shape control available for yachts of all sizes, at all levels. With precision-designed, highly-accurate wireless technology, Smartune truly is a plug-in performance upgrade for your boat.

Smartune fittings are a simple, screw-in replacement for existing turn screws. Wireless connectivity means no need for drilling holes to run cables from the sensor, and the receiver plugs directly into your existing instrument package. Live forestay load data is sent wirelessly to your on-board instrumentation, or direct to your smartphone, for the ultimate in convenience. Smartune Sensors are rated to IP67, meaning no dust ingress, and no water ingress when immersed between 15 centimetres and 1 metre in depth. The precision machined plastic bodies are designed and built to withstand the rigours of the foredeck. Precision engineered for accuracy, Smartune directly measures the actual forestay load – no more worries about alignment errors.

Smartune fittings go through a rigorous calibration procedure before being shipped, saving you from time-consuming calibration and providing accuracy “out of the box”. Smartune fittings are created with the latest FEA computer design tools and built with state-of-the-art 3D manufacturing processes.

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