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60mm Pro-ratchet cheek block

60mm Pro-ratchet cheek block

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The 60mm Pro-ratchet block from Allen features a single pro ratchet, and is made for use on any mainsheet, jib, spinnaker and vang system. The design includes a patented inner bearing system and central hole for tie-on becket, all of which allow this item of deckgear an unsurpassed level of dynamic load capacity.

A set of sheaves and cheeks with soft contours, as well as 316 grade stainless steel ultra snap technology means you can lash without fear of line abrasion. The sheave technology gives you grip under load and easy release when the load is decreased.


  • Sheave size: 60 mm (2 23/64")
  • Max. line size: 12 mm (15/32")
  • Overall height: 108 mm (4 1/4")
  • Breaking load: 1000 kg
  • Max. working load: 275 kg
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