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CR snap shackle

CR snap shackle

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The CR snap shackle incorporates the extreme strength, outstanding corrosion resistance, and aerospace quality of Tylaska’s high performance racing hardware at a price that the cruiser or casual racer will find appealing. Unlike many plunger-pin snap shackles that are prone to catching on stays, the sleek geometry of the CR shackle has been optimised to reduce the risk of snagging and fouling. The locking hole feature allows the plunger pin to be locked in place using a small line or zip tie. Useful in extreme conditions where snap shackles have been known to release due to severe flogging.


 Part number Model A B C D E F Weight (g) Max. working load (kg) Brk. load (kg)
TY1102 CR2 9.7mm 6.6mm 35.1mm 20.3mm 2.8mm 6.6mm 12 455 910
TY1108-FB CR8 24.4mm 18.7mm 80.5mm 44.2mm 6.1mm 13.7mm 99 1815 3630
TY1108-S CR8 swivel 24.4mm 13.7mm 92.7mm 44.2mm 6.4mm 13.7mm 128 1815 3630


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