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3-strand polyester classic rope

3-strand polyester classic rope

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3-strand polyester classic is produced using matt polyester yarns. This makes the product feel very traditional. This rope is easy to splice and very soft and strong, and is ideal for rigging on classic sailing yachts.

Breaking strengths

  • 6 mm: 556 kgs
  • 8 mm: 1016 kgs
  • 10 mm: 1426 kgs
  • 12 mm: 1900 kgs
  • 14 mm: 2800 kgs
  • 16 mm: 3450 kgs
  • 18 mm: 4300 kgs
  • 20 mm: 5800 kgs
  • 24 mm: 7600 kgs

9% stretch at 20% of breakload.

Ordering instructions

Product priced per metre. Simply enter the amount you require in metres into the quantity box and add to cart. Please enquire before purchasing over 16 mm, as these sizes are not always stock items.

If there is a colour you would like that is not in stock please message us for availability.

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