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LOOP soft shackle

LOOP soft shackle

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Kohlhoff LOOP® Shackles are made of Gottifredi Maffioli’s Compact Braid, a polyurethane coated Dyneema® SK78 single braid. This high tech material is very strong, light, and waterproof with outstanding abrasion resistance and very low stretch. Kohlhoff LOOP® Shackles are light and compact. Thanks to their flexibility, Kohlhoff LOOP® Shackles can be used everywhere and particularly in difficult to access locations. They do not cause any damage to deck, hull, superstructure or rig. They do not sink when dropped overboard and they are reasonably priced. Kohlhoff LOOP® Shackles are available in different diameters and various lengths. 

Breaking strengths

  • 3mm: 400 kg
  • 4mm: 600 kg
  • 5mm: 1000kg
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