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Madison 2 man kayak

Madison 2 man kayak

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Introducing the Madison Kayak from Sevylor! It is a comfortable and sporty kayak designed for two adults and provides the perfect combination of features for an epic ride on the water. The Madison is the best all-rounder to take on different extremes; lightweight for pure enjoyment, entertainment and fun and comfortable for a relaxing ride.

The Madison has been designed to maintain stability for a relaxing time on the river with thanks to its construction; the kayak has been made from sturdy and durable polyester. For comfort when paddling, the inflatable seats offer great support, being fully removable and adjustable allowing you to configure the Madison for an exciting trip downstream or upstream – Easily turn the kayak into a 2 or 1 person kayak. The seats are strengthened, featuring a strong layer of fabric to increase padding – provides long lasting support as well as being air and water tight. The seat design has been improved, compared to older models the Madison offers better back support (taller back) and a wider base therefore, more pleasing on those longer river trips.

For secure, safe and easy inflation and deflation the Madison utilises a combination of valves, Sevylor call these Boston, Mini Boston and Mini Double Lock valves. The Boston Valve is a two-way valve since it holds the air in whist the return flap avoids air from leaking out when removing the pump. To inflate, simply unscrew the top cap and as you have control over the air you can dictate the pace of inflation and deflation! Mini Boston valves function exactly the same way but, thanks to their size they are featured in areas where access is tighter. All seats and smaller air chambers are now equipped with Mini Double Lock valves. After inflation, the valve can be pushed in to ensure air is sealed in.


  • Wide base, sturdy and durable polyester hull
  • Double I-beam floor, offers great strength and ensure the floor is level on the water once loaded
  • 3 inflatable chambers: Boston, Mini Boston and Mini double lock valves for easy inflation and deflation
  • Removable side chambers
  • Easy Inflation Manometer: Check pressure easily during inflation
  • On-board water drainage system
  • Two fabric covered seats with a taller mesh back and base
  • Easily turn the kayak into a 1 person boat
  • Removable fin and welded-on directional strake for excellent manoeuvrability
  • New moulded handles, can be used as grab handles, carry handles or double up as paddle holders
  • Improved carry-bag for easy of transportation and storage
  • Front and rear spray decks
  • Supports: 2 adults
  • TUV Tested - ISO 6185-1
  • Max loading weight: 200kg
  • Size: 329cm x 94cm
  • Weight: 15.9kg
  • Pump and paddles sold separately

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