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National 12 4mm kicker control

National 12 4mm kicker control

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Evolution Race 78 has a high performance Dyneema® SK78 12-strand coated core that is high strength, low stretch and low creep. It has a hard wearing HT braided polyester cover and is perfect for use on National 12's, providing the low stretch required for high performance racing, as well as polyester cover to protect the core against harmful UV.

National 12 systems are automatically discounted as part of our sponsorship of their National Series, and are excluded from other discounts and promotions.



  • 820 kgs breaking strength

  • 1% stretch at 20% of breakload

  • 10m

Measurements are for most National 12's. If you don't think this line would fit your boat, or you would prefer a different rope please feel free to contact us!

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