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Fixed bar

Allen have incorporated an ingenious removable attachment pin to allow the user to replace the tii-on rope as it wears. Simply unscrew the upper insert, push down on the tii-on rope and remove the stainless steel crossbar. Install your replacement tii-on rope by pushing through the hole in the centre of the upper insert, slide the pin into place retaining the tii-on rope and screw the upper insert back into the deck. The lower insert is enclosed ensuring the design is watertight and the two parts have flats so they can be tightened and undone with simple tools.

The clever part of this system is that it is a one-hole insertion, so if you ever need to change the crossbar or block, you can do so without needing to drill more holes in the future.


Part number Fixing hole centres Fixing hole depth Fixing hole diameter Max. working load Outside diameter Weight
A8639-10X 13 mm 10-12 mm 13 mm 250 kg 19 mm 21 g
A8639-6 13 mm 6-8 mm 12.8 mm 250 kg 19 mm 21 g
A8639-8 13 mm 8-10 mm 12.8 mm 250 kg 19 mm 21 g
A8739-10 17 mm 10-12 mm 16 mm 300 kg 24 mm 7 g
A8739-18 17 mm 18-20 mm 16 mm 300 kg 24 mm 10 g
A8739-6 17 mm 6-8 mm 16 mm 300 kg 24 mm 7 g
A8739-8 17 mm 8-10 mm 16 mm 300 kg 24 mm 7 g
A8839 13 mm 4.5-10 mm 12.8 mm 250 kg 19 mm 8 g
A8939 17 mm 4.5-10 mm 16 mm 350 kg 24 mm 10 g
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