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Pro Grip - EVA brushed deck tape

Pro Grip - EVA brushed deck tape

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Self-adhesive grip tape for use on rails and deck. Moulds to fit the surface applied to providing a strong connection and durable grip. When you want to remove it, it's easy and clean and does not leave any residue when peeled off. Available in a number of colours, ideal for dinghies and yachts alike where you need that extra grip and balance.


  • Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Width: 100mm
  • Length: 2m


  1. If required, remove the old EVA tape, warm the tape with a hot air gun on a very low setting just to warm the tape and this will help soften the glue. Pull off the old tape.
  2. Clean down the area to the taped with acetone (wear gloves please) very thoroughly. You must remove any old glue/ silicones /wax /contaminants from the surface.
  3. Cut the tape to length required that is going to be applied to the sitting out area / gunwale area
  4. Radius (say 10-15mm) the corners of the cut tape, to reduce the possibility of the tape lifting in the corners etc.
  5. Repeat step 2 again to be sure all is clean on the surface.
  6. Warm up the area that is going to have the tape applied
  7. Apply the tape and pull the backing paper off while applying pressure to the tape.
  8. Rub down well to ensure good adhesion.
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