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Dinghy Shack

Rule 55 Spinnaker Pop System

Rule 55 Spinnaker Pop System

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Rule 55: A competitor shall not intentionally put trash in the water. This rule applies at all times while afloat. The penalty for a breach of this rule may be less than disqualification.

Hoist a spinnaker easily shorthanded, or ensure compliance with RRS 55 with the Rule 55 Spinnaker Pop System. The Spinnaker Pop used a string of tabs poppered around the spinnaker. Once hoisted, tug the sheet and the poppers will separate, falling to the deck giving a seamless drama-free hoist and ensuring RRS 55 compliance. 

The Spinnaker Pop System comes complete with a handy storage bag, and is available in 3 different sizes, depending on your spinnaker size. 


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