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Scaregull rotating bird scarer

Scaregull rotating bird scarer

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Eliminate bird’s mess by keeping birds off your boat with Scaregull, the wind powered rotating bird scarer. With very little wind the Scaregull rotates around a stainless steel mount distracting gulls and stopping them from landing.


  • Manufactured from UV resistant, glass-reinforced nylon
  • Lightweight and hard wearing
  • 5ft in diameter
  • Mounting block and 6“ spike as standard

Seagulls are creatures of habit. Once they have spent time on your boat (and made a mess of it) they return again and again. Clean your boat and install a Scaregull and you will find that its rotating action deters the seagulls from landing. Soon the gulls find a new home and never return.
A number of alternative mounting options are available.

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