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Dinghy Shack

Stainless steel asymmetric carabiner

Stainless steel asymmetric carabiner

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Spring Hook Asymmetric carabiner - also know as a Snap Hook, Carabina Hook or Carbine Clip. These are designed for applications where a higher degree of strength is required. The asymmetric design means the working load is mainly directed down the spine of the hook, which is considered the strongest section. Ideal for use in many boating applications such as rigging, ropes and mooring. Manufactured in premium A4 grade Stainless Steel for excellent anti-corrosive properties. Please note that the spring itself is in A2 grade stainless.


Safe working load
Min. breaking load
6 x 60 mm
60 mm 6 mm 9 mm 10 mm 130 kg 5.1 kN
8 x 80 mm
80 mm 8 mm 12 mm 13 mm 195 kg 7.8 kN
10 x 100 mm
100 mm 10 mm 15 mm 18 mm 300 kg 11.8 kN
11 x 120 mm
120 mm 11 mm 18 mm 24 mm 355 kg 13.9 kN
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