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Dinghy Shack

Basic 2:1 kicker tackle

Basic 2:1 kicker tackle

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This bundle of Viadana blocks and Kingfisher ropes is an affordable entry level purchase system, useful on small boats for purchases such as kickers and downhauls. Additional parts and accessories can be combined to increase the purchase and facilities for attachment etc.


  • Viadana 25mm single block
  • Viadana 25mm becket block with V jammer
  • 4mm Evo Race 78 Kingfisher rope (820 kg breaking strength)
  • Hose handle or rope stopper

Why buy Viadana?

Manufactured in their factory on the idyllic Lake Como, Italy, Viadana rigorously test all their products both on and off the water. These products are made by the same people who use them.

Viadana are so confident in the quality of their blocks and rigging accessories that they offer a guarantee for two years from the date of purchase. See here for full terms and conditions.

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